Glasgow is an international centre of excellence in quantum and nanoscience, translating our fundamental understanding of these phenomena into world-changing technologies.

On the smallest possible scale, we study and control particles of matter and light to understand the building blocks of the universe. We engineer complex combinations of materials over length scales, from nanometres to centimetres, with reproducibility that enables low-cost components with the highest levels of functionality and energy efficiency. On the largest scale, we use our expertise to open new windows to the universe through the detection of gravitational waves.

We lead the UK’s Quantum Technology Hub in imaging; host the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, the UK’s leading facility; and are members of a world-leading international Max-Planck Partnership in Measurement and Observation at the Quantum Limit.

We are training the next generation of nano/quantum scientists and engineers through our Doctoral Training Programme in Sensor Systems, and our Innovation Centre, CENSIS, pioneers new sensor systems for industry.

We are leaders in the nano and quantum world.